CYPULCHRE is a dark and twisted cyberpunk thriller that will take readers on a journey through revolt and redemption, high-tech nightmares and low-life dreams.


The inventor of the CLOUD technology—that's swept Los Angeles' rich and willing into the noosphere—has lived in exile for a decade, north of the mountains, feared, defamed, and despised by his former colleagues and estranged family. When he learns that the same technology that led to his downfall now threatens his family as well as the thousands synchronized to it, he must take action. Nothing is what it seems, especially with his psychoses turning allies to enemies, and enemies into demons.



ARCHETYPAL is the highly-anticipated sequel to MacKinnon’s 2014 cyberpunk thriller, Cypulchre.

The Outland Corporation’s CLOUD, a much-loved and massively-popular virtual realm, has been destroyed in a suicide bombing, which has turned all of Los Angeles upside down.

Hundreds of thousands of users who were in the CLOUD at the time of its destruction have had their data and electric selves corrupted, accidentally collectivized, and then dumbly redistributed. The fallout is catastrophic.

While Outland’s interim CEO Celeste Charming attempts to turn this tragedy into profit or worse, Dr. Oni Matsui sets out to free her captive friends and to prevent the forced evolution of humanity for which her good intentions have paved the way.

FAULTLINE 49 is the harrowing account of American reporter David Danson's Gonzo-style trip through US-occupied Canada in search of the principal provocateur in the Canadian-American War: terrorist mastermind Bruce Kalnychuk. As Danson draws closer to the truth about the 2001 World Trade Center Bombing in Edmonton, Alberta, and the criminal war it propagated, his journalistic distance to the story collapses, rendering him not only a brutalized participant, but an enemy of the state. David's findings are as daunting as the personal price he's paid to make them available to the North American public. 


     —Edmonton Journal


“This highly original, vivid and bizarre tale of terrorism, civil war, and foreign military intervention in Canada will shock readers and haunt them long after they have put down this book.”
     —Allan Gotlieb, Former Canadian Ambassador to the United States


"Unnerving. And, dare I say, exciting."

      —Calgary Herald​


"It’s dark. It’s heavy. It’s very, very interesting."

        —Amy Jo Espetveidt, Calgary is Awesome

SAVAGE KINGDOM  is the tale of a time-travelling infantry man, cursed for his want of a righteous ruler...

A​ WWI veteran searches for peace and solace on the African Savana. His pursuit is thwarted when he finds himself blackmailed into service by a Machiavellian aristocrat. Charged with the care of the aristocrat’s petulant son, Elijah Cooper safaris into the Holy Mountains, only to be dislocated by a time fracture. With the aristocrat’s son lost, and nothing familiar to orient him, Cooper must set out through perilous and lavish wilds, beset by war and with prehistoric monsters. Old foes resurface alongside Roman legions and Neanderthal hordes, prompting Cooper to lead by example and curb tyranny in all its unholy forms.


Joe MacKinnon & Carlo Schefter's gut-wrenching fantasy is out now!

NEWSREAL  is a riotous and scathing look at fake news' real consequences.

Big-city reporter Alecia Troust writes a weekly column for The Gruffington Buzz. Her hopes of promotion and of becoming the face of the Buzz on national TV are dashed when her make-it-or-break-it article is lost along with her laptop. Instead of playing a victim to circumstance or admitting her bad luck to her editor, Alecia instead submits an even more compelling story. However, this new story—regarding homegrown terrorism and containing “evidence" of an execution on American soil—is a fabrication; fake news. Although she initially wins the admiration of her editor and national attention, Alecia’s lie also draws the ire and interest of anarcho-communists, white supremacists, Jihadists, the mainstream media, as well as those who seek to profit from maintaining the fake news’ veracity, including the FBI and the CIA.  With the worst of the country desperate to exploit the story for political ends, Alecia realizes far more than journalistic integrity is at stake. She must get the truth out before her fake news catalyzes a national descent into paranoia, war, and authoritarianism.

BY WILL AND GONE is a unnerving historical thriller detailing the forbidden love and honor killings that maligned Canada's early French settlements.


This debut novel from Ontario native Michael D. Campbell is coming out  Spring 2020.

THE LAST SPIKE  is a horrific tale about environmental trauma and multigenerational karma by historian Penelope Jannock. Coming Summer 2020.

Returning to British Columbia to bury his father, North West Mountain Police officer MacLeod stops in a remote town in the Rocky Mountains. A gruesome series of murders quickly sidetracks MacLeod from his mission, entrapping him in a showdown with an ancient evil. At the edge of the world, people have no choice but to show what they are made of.


THE OTHERSIDE  is a gruesome Mexican crime thriller by Calgarian filmmaker and author Maximilian Rodriguez, coming out Winter 2019.

Christian and his wife Isabelle are ambushed while towing a car back from the outskirts of town to Isabelle’s ailing brother-in-law’s auto-body shop in Northern Mexico. While they escape successfully, killing a number of their aggressors in self-defense, their unwillingness to placate the bandits with blood and money is misread by the local police as a determination to do more. The Otherside is a tragedy of errors tailored to mimic Mestizo/Ladino morality plays, while flipping the American-Mexican border as well as the imagistic expectations forcefully tied to it.

THE GUNPOWDER COAST is a timely sci-fi thriller wherein men and women of conscience take a stand against invasive surveillance technology, dehumanizing socialist doctrine, and the tyrannical herd.


A picture is worth one-hundred-million minds.


The English Democratic Socialist regime has in its possession a weaponized meme called “The Family”, though is unaware of its power and significance. Layered with machine-readable code, The Family⁠ is a mysterious and ancient image that was successfully used as a cyber weapon during the Sino-American War. It is said to be capable of severing the connection between military implants and central control.


Aware that London is on the verge of eliminating all remaining dissent on the island by fully digitizing and forever policing its citizens’ minds, the beleaguered Resistance is dead set on acquiring The Family. With this encoded image, the Resistance hopes to liberate any English brain that has been invaded by authoritarian tech.


To acquire this world-changing meme and to use it effectively, the Resistance must cash in all of its favours, forge unlikely alliances in Lancashire’s dark underworld, appeal for help from old friends across the Atlantic, and mount one final stand. If any are to survive the regime’s mental collectivization, England will need a miracle and plenty of gunpowder.